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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bread Rolls cooked over a fire

We're back from a wonderful week spent at Mahai Campsite in Royal Natal National Park in the Drakensberg Mountains - it was so peaceful, despite the fact that it rained for four days. We were forced to relax, which was good!

We did all our cooking over a braai-fire, even our bread (even if sometimes our fire was made under a beach umbrella), so I thought I'd share my favourite bread recipe with you, and the method for making bread-rolls over the coals.

Brown Seed Bread Rolls

3 1/2 cups of brown bread flour
1 sachet instant yeast (10 grs)
5 mls salt
1/2 cup of mixed seeds - I used poppy, sunflower, sesame and linseeds
30 mls syrup or honey or sugar
60 mls of oil
1 to 2 cups of luke-warm water

  • Mix together the dry ingredients
  • Add the honey and oil, stir slightly
  • Add the warm water slowly, while stirring, until the flour binds into a dough
  • Continue stirring with your spoon until the mixture is ready to tip out
  • Lightly flour a large bread board or clean table, and tip the dough out onto it
  • Knead gently but thoroughly until the dough is very smooth, and elastic when stretched

  • Lightly oil a clean bowl, and place your dough in it, cover with a clean cloth and set aside somewhere warm to rise
  • When the dough has doubled in size, knock it back, and press out flat until about 1 inch thick
  • Cut out circles with a glass or cookie cutter - don't make them too big, the dough should yield about 16 rolls
  • Flour the tops as well, and set aside, covered, to prove
  • Get the fire going, you will need a bed of of coals for a gentle heat

  • Place the rolls directly on the grid and allow to cook, turning them over frequently

  • The rolls are done when they sound hollow when tapped.
  • The whole process should take about 2 hours, and there is nothing as good as a hot bread roll baked over the coals!
Enjoy!  We had our hot bread rolls with some warmed-up left-over braaied kassler ribs - with plenty of mustard, these were the ultimate 'burger'!


  1. Oy yoiyoiyoi I am drooling .... really awesome xxx jan

  2. I bet the neighbours stopped laughing at your umbrella once these babies came off the fire!!! Lovely campsite!!!

  3. Ooooh like roosterkoek, just healthier. Love it!

  4. Yummy they do look good. Will copy and paste recipe thanks